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Tack Room


Services Included With Full Care Board

We take pride in the fact that our equine residents are happy and healthy, and we strive to create an environment that is peaceful and enjoyable for you and your horse.  
Our workers are trained to watch for anything unusual with the horses’ behavior or appearance, and management and/or owner is contacted immediately for observance should anything be noticed.  In case of an emergency, your vet information is on record and will be called immediately.  If you or your vet of choice are not available, another vet will be contacted.
Posted on its stall is a feed information card, stating the kind and quantity of feed your horse receives for both morning and afternoon feedings.  If supplements are supplied, they will be added to your horse’s feed as requested.  Sheeting and blanketing instructions are also posted during the winter months.

Full Care Board  is billed monthly and a security Deposit is required at move-in.


A complete turnout schedule is posted on the barn bulletin board.  Your horse will have all-day turnout or half-day rotation, subject to availability and your horse’s temperament.  Mimi’s Meadow:  One large meadow for all-day turnout for the geldings.  Piland Meadow:  Eighteen individual turnouts used for daily turnout and four turnouts large enough for two horses to graze comfortably.  Casa Corrals:  Two reinforced turnouts used for horses that need to graze alone.  BuckBranch West Pastures:  Two pastures across the creek, large enough for several horses to graze comfortably.  These pastures are easily accessible by Bluebonnet Bridge.  BuckBranch Annex:  One reinforced turnout across the road, large enough for two horses to graze comfortably.

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Stall Maintenance

Stalls are cleaned twice daily, water is kept fresh and full daily, and the arenas are groomed on a regular basis.  Ground is kept in top condition to ensure the comfort and safety of your horse.  Water buckets, both in stalls and turnouts, are cleaned and bleached weekly.  Bed check is at approximately 9pm in the evening, just to make sure all is well.



Top quality feed and hay are provided twice daily with the feed program tailored to the individual needs of each horse.  Bluebonnet special 10/10 blend created specifically for BuckBranch Farm.  Horse quality hay two flakes fed twice daily.  Supplements are fed at no cost if supplied, bagged and tagged by owner.

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